Make your School a part of our Food Distribution network! (follow instructions below)

All programs are offered in partnership with the Food Bank of South Jersey

Direct Service Program: 

  • Please fill out the "General Information", skip "Billing/Mailing Address" 

  • Fill out numbers 1-15, check 501C3 box on page 10

  • Sign and Print name of person who will be the "Program Coordinator" (example: guidance counselor, family coordinator, etc.)

  • Wholesome Riches will complete the rest of the form (we are the Program Partner)


Direct Service Programs Partner Agreement:

  • Fill out the name of the school (program name) and address (program address).

  • Skip to page 5 and check off "Back Pack Program" and "School Pantry Program" with the Program Coordinator's name next to it (example: guidance counselor or family coordinator from the school). 

  • We will fill out the rest of the document (do not sign this document). 


National Background Check:

  • Fill out Program Site Name (name of school) in all blank spaces on the first page (4 places). 

  • On the second page, fill out the program site name (school name) on all 4 blank spaces and print/sign name of guidance counselor or family coordinator (program site representative) and date. 


Kidz Pack Site Information Sheet:

  • Check a block at the top (new or returning school/program).

  • Fill in the first block with School information. Fill in the second block with Principal's information. Fill in the third block with guidance counselor/family coordinator information.

  • Fill out School information and Racial, Demographic information.  Principal and guidance counselor/family coordinator sign and date the bottom of the page.

Once the forms are completed please scan and email to wholesomeriches@gmail.com or call 609 929 5225 for pick up.  Please do not hesitate to call with any additional questions!