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School is OUT!

It has been a fantastic year serving alongside so many hardworking students who truly care about their community! These students put in the work not only in their academics, but served monthly with Wholesome Riches outside of their school! A well-deserved CONGRATS to the amazing students who made it happen this year!

We loved celebrating grads this month!

Dr. Charles E. Brimm Medical Arts High School

Wholesome Riches had the honor of handing out certificates to these special seniors who served monthly with us at our Parkside distributions this year!

H.B. Wilson Family School

At H.B. Wilson, the Wholesome Riches team handed out more certificates to our 8th Grade graduates. We are proud of their excellence in serving this year!

Blooming and Growing at H.B. Wilson

A huge thank you to Bloomer's Home and Garden Center in Sewell for equipping H.B. Wilson Students with plants, tools and knowledge earlier this month!

The Bloomer's employees taught the students how to prepare the soil and plant produce in gardens outside of the school. These students will continue to tend the peppers, pumpkins, tomatoes and more throughout the year! Great job students, and thank you, again, to Bloomer's!

Thank you to the volunteers who came out to distributions in June!

A special shoutout goes to the Food Bank of South Jersey and Seashore Fruit and Produce Co. for supplying produce boxes for families in June!

Your partnership changes lives.

Will you invest in students, families and

the Camden community?


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