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Spring 2023 Newsletter

As we end the first quarter we want to extend a huge thank you for all of your faithful prayers and support for Wholesome Riches. We have had the privilege of working with so many wonderful young people in the City of Camden and know it would not be possible without your generosity. As the doors of opportunity continue to open for this vital work, we ask that you would consider joining our team of financial supporters to help alleviate hunger and provide comfort to those in need. - Michele Pilla


Teaching Students at Veterans School About Community Service

On Tuesday, March 7th, the Wholesome Riches team had the privilege of hosting an interactive Community Service class with students at Veterans School. Our team taught about community service and guided the students through different exercises, including identifying the urgent needs in their community, and presenting their ideas on how to develop a project to fulfill those needs! These same students serve monthly with us during our distribution at their school.

"Students love to be busy doing things when asked, but knowing the why and who you are doing it for makes it more meaningful..." - Mr. Shawn Austin, Veterans Memorial School 7th/8th Grade Teacher


Since January 2023...

over 108K pounds of food + items served

over 2400 households served

1100 adult volunteer hours served

662 student hours served

Here is our distribution calendar for the month of April:

Additional April Events: April 6 - Community Service Class at HB Wilson School April 26 - Mayor's Camden Clean-Up Event


Meet our New Rowan Interns for the Spring Semester

Edward, a Senior studying Communications at Rowan University.

Kit, a Junior studying Psychology at Rowan University.


Meet our new Director of Communications and Media This is Andrew Morrow, who started with us in mid-February! You'll see him running around at distributions and events taking photos and videos, as well as designing graphics and posting on our social media pages. Andrew is newly-engaged and loves spending time with family, creating fun artistic projects and investing in middle-school students in Wyldlife (Young Life). He graduated from Rowan University with a Bachelor's degree in Radio/Television/Film. He is excited to use his talents to serve the people of Camden!

Meeting Students and Families at Camden School Events

Wholesome Riches had the honor of hosting a table at the Camden Works Job Fair held at Camden High School Campus, as well as the "Eager Readers, Future Leaders" event held at Dudley School. Wholesome Riches staff connected with students and families and offered potential employment to Junior and Senior students for summer employment.

Training for Chaplaincy in Camden

Local leaders (including some Wholesome Riches staff) participated in a two-day Chaplaincy Training hosted by "Resilient Minds on the Front Lines." Those in the class were certified to become school chaplains and learned many more important skills needed to be a Chaplain. We were thankful to attend the class with local pastors, former teachers and other leaders from the area.

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